Group & Organizational Coaching

“I sometimes think those who ‘got the package’ are the lucky ones. At least they get outplacement support. We get their work and the morale around here is… well, some days, it’s like a ghost town, or a scene from The Walking Dead. How about some INPLACEMENT support?”

“Collaboration. Networking. Social strategies. So many buzzword bingo words and not much action on real innovation. I know there’s so much more we could accomplish if only we could penetrate the silos and stop worrying so much about holding on to our little fiefdoms.”

“We do team-building events, have regular meetings, and everyone knows our Vision, Mission, and Values statements—big posters in the main entrance and lunchroom! But somehow, engagement scores are still not where they should be and we’re running out of ideas.”

You’ve heard – and probably repeated many of – the clichés about today’s world—constant change, uncertainty, complexity, the need to adapt. What if you discovered that the skills and methods leaders used so effectively during the 20th century have been rendered effectively obsolete by the effects of those very clichés? What if you learned that the path to unprecedented business performance and success can be created by methods specifically designed to capitalize on the unrealized power of change in uncertainty and complex adaptiveness?

It’s true, and I can help.

As a master facilitator and coach specializing in transitions and transformations, I work with you and your people to discover your organization at its best. Together, we create appropriate interventions, specifically tailored to your unique situation that will enable everyone to enact their collective “best” each and every day.

It may be about reenergizing mission so that each person reengages with their own higher purpose. It could be about connecting with the latest in Appreciative Management practices that spur motivation through autonomy, collective responsibility, and mutual accountability. It’s possible that revealing your organization’s aspirational “future self” leads to a renewed vision. Aligning that vision with more responsive structures and decision processes can create an engaged, nimble, and virtually unstoppable workforce.

Wouldn’t you want to make your leadership and your organization’s performance as great as you could dare to imagine it to be?

You already have it in you.

Reengage your organization’s power.