The Human (Resources) Side of Contemporary Leadership

If you’ve read my white paper, you’ll know that the 21st-century business environment is radically different from that of the 20th. But that creates a bit of a chicken-and-egg question: How can 21st-century Human Resources practices transform to keep up with the complex demands made of today’s workplaces and organizations?

The answer, surprisingly enough, is, quite easily, thank you! Forget costly and cumbersome “change management” initiatives and radical, wholesale upending of organizational life as would be mandated by fads like holocracy or the application of agile development and lean manufacturing to social systems, like people organizations—you know, the type in which most of us participate day in and day out. The actual actions leaders can take for emergent transformation of their organization to become a highly engaging environment in which people routinely bring their best cost almost nothing!

Did that get your attention?

I’m teaching a one-day workshop, sponsored by the HRPA, that lays out some key principles and practical how-tos that will set the stage for bringing your organization into the 21st century. It examines the latest thinking on how HR professionals can influence the practice of leadership and the behaviour of organizations (and non-HR folk will benefit as well, being able to directly apply the techniques on the first day back to work). This workshop is very similar to the very successful one I gave for the Media Leadership Program run by Women in Film and Television (Toronto) in conjunction with Schulich Executive Education earlier this year.

The workshop goes on August 16 in Toronto. For more information and to register, click here.

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