Reengagement 180 Podcast #2: Becoming Super-You

Imagine if you had a set of superpowers that you could invoke at will, no matter what the situation, boosting your performance and causing others to take notice and say, “I want to be that person.” I’ll show you where and how to find them.


Here’s something I ask of most of my clients and in many of my group facilitations, and I’ll ask you the same thing: Think of a time when you were operating at your best. What was happening? What were you experiencing? What were you calling upon from deep within to make that moment happen? Who were you being in that moment?


Especially if you were facing some sort of challenge, you were probably calling upon one or more of your strongest attributes to help you overcome that challenge and rise to success. It could have been your bravery, your creativity and ingenuity, or wisdom. It might have been your deep generosity, your sense of gratitude, or even modesty that disarmed a difficult situation. Your innate leadership, your spirituality, your enthusiasm, self-control and discipline. Whatever strengths are unique to you, if you think about it for a few minutes, you’ve probably learned over the course of your life what serves you well when you’re called on to show up at your best.


Now, think about what drives your passion both positive and negative. What fires you up touches something deep within your core, something that you go out of your way to promote, preserve, and protect throughout every aspect of your life. These deeply held core values power your passion and flow, providing the energy that drives those signature strengths we just mentioned. Together, these superpowers enable you to tackle any challenge, overcome any difficulty, and develop remarkable resilience even when faced with seemingly overwhelming obstacles.


In conventional business settings, we’re often encouraged to work on improving our weaknesses because a team is only as strong as its weakest link—or so goes the belief common to an industrial mindset. But actually, in today’s business environment, both teams and individuals can be far more effective by concentrating on getting more out of their strengths and living authentically true to their values. Remember, you always get more of what you focus on, so why not focus on what makes you your best and turns you into super-you.

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