What would you notice if your team were truly thriving?

“They’d be… motivated? Engaged in their work?”

That raises an interesting question: What does engagement really look like?

You’d see team members pulling creatively from deep within themselves, splashing in a river of ideas that come from all over the organization.

You’d see collaborative relationships spring to life, in a spirit of mutual accountability and collective ownership.

You’d see employees value the intention and higher purpose of the organization,as they say good-bye to justifying and defending past decisions that no longerserve anyone.

Change and innovation would be a collective way of being; not a resistance to be overcome.

Everyone would be living their “best self,” energized by the possibility ofcontributing to an alternate future.

So, how do you get there, from here?

My Name Is Mark Federman

In today’s world, the key business challenge isn’t just about achieving greater productivity and ever-increasing efficiency. An organization must scale its capability, build out its network of experience and expertise, and shape serendipity to its advantage.

I coach leaders on how to build commitment on top of team members’ signature strengths and core values. I coach teams on how to design and power their collective future. I coach individuals, showing them how to bring their “best self” to work – and to their life – each and every day, no matter what’s happening.

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In the face of ever-growing complexity, you need a lot more than annual reviews and traditional incentives for organizations and individuals to thrive.

You need Reengagement. Realized.