The Program

The Program helps facilitate deep thinking and reflection on how to
align who you are, with what you do, and why.

It can help you find a new job and new role, or help
transition to a brand new career.

It can help you leave corporate life to start your own business.

Most importantly, The Program can help you reinvent how you
live your life with intention, purpose, and meaning.

Choose any one or more of these Program options to create your personal Reinvention Project


Free Webinar

Basic toolkit, plus a life-changing gift

The Free Webinar provides you with the basic Reinvention Toolkit.  These tools will help enable you to change your story, realign your career, and change your life. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Discover You @Your Best
  • Values-in-Action Signature Strengths: Use more of these more often to become more effective
  • SOAR Framework to put your Strengths to work: Build your personal strategic plan based on Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results
  • Navigating for effects & creating Intention: How you’ll know what’s right for you
  • AI Framework for inventing the Future of Your Dreams: Build and enact your personal plan using Appreciative Inquiry
  • Résumé mini-clinic: Reframe your career story using narrative and effects
  • PERMA Model of Wellbeing: From Positive Psychology, enlisting Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning, and Accomplishment for sustained wellbeing and resilience in the face of challenges

Plus, you’ll receive another gift: two ideas from Positive Psychology – the Gratitude Prescription and What Went Well & Why Journal – that, taken together, literally have the power to change your life forever!


Webinar Series

Six sessions, the Advanced Toolkit, and detailed guidance to Change Your Story and Change Your Life!

The Webinar Series builds on and expands the ideas in the Free Webinar. It includes six, prerecorded video sessions plus the Advanced Reinvention Toolkit and detailed, how-to guidance on using the tools to realign your career, change your story, and change your life. Here are the themes of each of the six sessions:

  • The Power of the Appreciative Mind: Rejuvenate and re-energize your perception
  • Navigating a Complex World plus overcoming procrastination and perfectionism
  • Designing Your Reinvented Self I: Personal Appreciative Inquiry
  • Designing Your Reinvented Self II: Personal Offering Architecture
  • Reinventing the Job/Client Search
    • Résumé Clinic: Revealing who you are through what you’ve done
    • Navigating the Interview including two killer “have you any questions for us” questions
  • Living a Life of Intention

Webinar Series Plus

The six-session Advanced Reinvention Toolkit webinar series, plus three, live, mastermind group sessions with Mark

Webinar Series Plus includes everything in the Webinar Series plus three, live, mastermind group sessions with Mark. For those who want live guidance, feedback, and support, the mastermind groups add-on enable you to share your reinvention experiences and successes with others. The weekly sessions are live with Mark facilitating, providing additional insights and enhanced ideas as they emerge in the sessions. Additional packages of three group sessions may be purchased separately.


One-on-One Package

Add on three, live, one-on-one sessions with Mark

As an add-on to either the Webinar Series or Webinar Series Plus, this package provides three, live, one-on-one sessions with Mark for those who benefit from individual, personal guidance. This package can be renewed as many times as you find it useful!

Discover why the Reinvention Project is different from other career counselling alternatives.