The Reinvention Project

Whether you’ve been affected by Covid-19, find yourself in an untenable position at work, or realize that what worked for you in the past will not sustain you into the future, this idea of reinventing yourself may have been creeping into your awareness.

The Program

The Program provides you with the tools and techniques that can help you
align who you are, with what you do, and why.

Choose any one or more of these Program options to create your personal Reinvention Project



Basic toolkit, plus a life-changing gift

Webinar Series

Six sessions, the Advanced Toolkit, and detailed guidance to Change Your Story and Change Your Life!

Webinar Series Plus

The six-session Advanced Reinvention Toolkit webinar series, plus three, live, mastermind group sessions with Mark.

One-on-One Package

Add on three, live, one-on-one sessions with Mark.

Mark Federman, Ph.D.

Founder, The Reinvention Project