10 Questions for the Crossroads

As each of us approaches a notable date—it could be a birthday, a major holiday or commemoration, or a life milestone—it’s useful to take some time to reflect on what you truly want in and for your life, and how you’re going to realize those desires. These questions are also super-helpful if you’re feeling stuck in your life or career. Here are ten questions for the crossroads.

  1. What are your core strengths—how your deeply held values manifest in action—and your unique skills & talents? How can you arrange for them to show up more consistently throughout your life?
  2. Reflecting on the last year or so, for what are you most grateful? What is it that makes these aspects of your life so important to you?
  3. What is your intention for your life? In other words, what effects or changes in the world do you want to be known for? When I say, “the world,” it could be the big, wide world or it could be the entire world for just one person.
  4. What is holding you back or blocking you from your life’s intention? What could be your first, practical step that can create even a small amount of motion in your life towards that intention? And what’s the next first step after that?
  5. If you knew you had only one year to accomplish something important, what would that something be? What are you going to do today to begin moving towards that accomplishment?
  6. If fear was no issue, what goal would you set out to accomplish? What can you do to lessen or push through your fear, and what steps can you take to start working on accomplishing this goal?
  7. What practical steps can you begin today to lead a more healthful life?
  8. Looking at the relationships you have in your life with your partner, children, other relatives and friends. Which of those would benefit most from additional attention over the coming year? What can you do to strengthen and enhance that relationship starting today?
  9. What is the state of your relationship with your spirituality or religious belief if you are a believer? To what step(s) will you commit to strengthen that spiritual relationship?
  10. What project or goal or intention, if left undone, will you regret most not having accomplished by next year at this time?
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