Intention and the Grind

Has your work become a grind? Here’s how to make it less grinding.

I met today with a long-term client who mentioned that they are going on a retreat to reconnect with their spirituality. That’s a great thing to do from time to time—spirituality is one of the 8 important aspects for a well-integrated life.

Here’s the thing: My client’s business is literally about spirituality and helping others create their own connection to spirituality. Isn’t that a little ironic? A little of the shoemaker’s children going barefoot? So what’s going on?

Here’s what my client told me: The grind of their business gets in the way of remembering the why of their business.

Why am I serving my clients?

Why does what I do matter?

Why is what I do important to those for whom I’m doing it?

Why do I want to create the effects I intend and hope to create?

Each of us, no matter what we do for income and sustenance, has the ability to connect what we do to the intention for our own lives—our personal “Why?”

So ask yourself every now and again, why is it that you do what you do, over and above simply paying for a roof over your head, putting food on the table, and—let’s face it—paying for the privilege of going to work?

For me, my intention is to help create a nexus point—a point of transition and transformation—that will help someone redirect their life in a beneficial way at a critical time for them.

It’s why I do the work I do. With clients. With students. With teams. With executives and leaders.

My intention is embedded in the coaching engagements. In the courses I teach. In the facilitations I run. In the strategic foresight and strategy development projects I create. In the deep insight research I perform. In working with executive teams to help create amazing organizational cultures.

My intention is the reason I wrote my upcoming book, The Reinvention Project which is planned for a Spring, 2024 release.

Your intention for your life grounds you and reminds you of purpose, even when the work becomes a grind. Especially when the work becomes a grind.

I remind myself daily of my intention for my life, in other words, the effects I want to create among my interactions throughout my world and the worlds of others.

And you know what happens? The grind somehow becomes not so grinding.


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